Anglais Beyond petropolis ; designing a practical utopia in nueva loja (édition en anglais)

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Each year, the Graduate Program in Urban Design at
the CCNY travels to a city that is experiencing a revelatory
form of stress. In January of 2006 the destination
was Nueva Loja in the Amazon basin of Ecuador. At the
time, a population of around 100,000 was expanding
exponentially. Nueva Loja was the fastest growing municipality
in the country due to the oil boom.
The city's projected rate of growth would pass 150,000
at just the moment the oil ran out. And so, they decided
to investigate how Nueva Loja might move beyond oil
to an economy and urban pattern embracing renewed
harmony with the natural environment and dedicated
to creating an intensely humane and supportive place
for its inhabitants. Projects are utopian in looking to a
time of harmony and prosperity but intensely practical
in growing from the particulars of people and place, in
utilizing simple, historic, and local technologies.

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