Anglais Ineffable ; architecture, computation and the inexpressible (édition en anglais)

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Ineffable documents a timely and invaluable debate
surrounding the use of omputational tools in architecture
and their affect on the nature of human expression.
A distinguished group of architects, educators,
and theoreticians discuss both the potential benefits as
well as the perils associated with the recent turn to ever
increasing computational complexity in contemporary
design culture.
Topics considered include: architecture in the post-human
era; the value and role of history within a computational
paradigm; the relationship between humans
and machines for the future of architecture; computers
and design pedagogy; and digital phenomenology
in architecture. With essays from leading figures and
260 color photographs, illustrations, and drawings,
Ineffable is for anyone interested in learning more
about the political, social, and theoretical implications
of the computational revolution in architecture.

Rayons : Arts et spectacles > Généralités sur l'art > Essais / Réflexions / Ecrits sur l'art

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