Anglais Architectural nuances ; Axel Nieberg (édition en anglais)

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The studio of Axel Nieberg has been working on various tasks in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscaping, lighting design and product design for over 15 years. Axel Nieberg is well known for the minimalistic use of forms and the extraordinary way of directing light in combination with natural materials. The expressivity of his work is a result of the haptic quality of the chosen materials. In terms of the Japanese Wabi- sabi doctrine, great value is set upon simplicity and a natural aging process of the materials, which are increased by the development of a patina. The buildings create a special impression through their unconventional presence, characterized by massiveness combined with accurately defined openings. The openings assemble a directive relation to the exterior with interesting lines of sight. The site with its qualities always serves as the idea provider for the architectural figures.
At the studio of Axel Nieberg the attention is focussed on an accurate elaboration of joining material components. According to this „Sublime Creation" is the title of an extensive monograph that was released about Nieberg´s work. Numerous international publications and awards indicate the architectural quality originating from the studio of Axel Nieberg.

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