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If the magic of paris makes such a lasting impression on the imagination of ;he more observant visitor, it is because here, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, you experience the feeling of moving through time as well as space.
On either side of the seine, so much a part of the city's life throughout the centuries, almost imperceptibly, time has created an urban landscape of infinite variety, bequeathing streets and squares, avenues and boulevards, bridges and gardens that beckon us to embark upon more introspective journeys. such is the privilege of an ancient capital, steeped in a history that is enriched continually, as with each new era another chapter in its story unfolds.
Paris is like an open book, enter its pages and discover all that this enchanting and timeless city has to offer.

Rayons : Tourisme & Voyages > Tourisme & Voyages France > Beaux livres illustrés / Carnets de voyage France

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