Livres en langue étrangère (VO)

  • Anglais Jane Eyre

    Charlotte Bronte

    Growing up in the home of a cruel aunt and a harsh charity school, Jane Eyre, an orphaned young woman, accepts employment as a governess at Thornfield Hall and soon finds herself in love with her employer, the enigmatic Rochester. Reprint. 17,500 first printing.

  • « Il était déjà une heure du matin ; une pluie morne battait les vitres et ma chandelle presque consumée dispensait une lueur vacillante grâce à laquelle je vis s'ouvrir l'oeil jaune et terne de la créature : elle respirait avec peine et un mouvement convulsif agitait son corps. »

  • Anglais Dracula

    Bram Stoker

    Qui est véritablement le comte Dracula ? Jusqu'où s'étendent ses pouvoirs maléfiques ? Jonathan Harker et ses alliés parviendront-ils à mettre fin à ses actes de cruauté ? Un roman terrifiant, le premier du genre, à l'origine d'un mythe rendu populaire par le cinéma. Dans une version abrégée qui en conserve tout le fantastique et le mystère.

  • Anglais Emma

    Jane Austen

  • « C'était mon Nord, mon Sud, mon Est et Ouest, / Mon travail, mon repos, / Mon midi, mon minuit, ma parole, mon chant ; / Je pensais que l'amour durait pour toujours : j'avais tort ».

    Se trouvent ici réunis quelques-uns des plus beaux poèmes d'amour de Wystan Hugh Auden. Ils sont suivis de cinquante aphorismes qui s'enchaînent en une réflexion sur le sens exact et véritable des mots « Je t'aime », et sur la résistance qu'opposent au langage les sentiments les plus intenses.

  • This new edition of Emily Bronte's classic 1847 novel uses the authoritative Clarendon text. Patsy Stoneman's introduction considers the bewildering variety of critical interpretation to which the novel has been subject, as well as offering some provocative new insights for the modern reader.

  • Follows the four March sisters - pretty Meg, tomboy Jo, shy Beth and vain Amy - as they grow and mature into four distinctive little women. Louisa May Alcott was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Boston and Concord, Massachusetts, the setting for Little Women.

  • Anglais Les européens

    Henry James

    Un frère et une soeur élevés en Europe, Félix et Eugénie, rendent visite à leurs cousins de Boston, dans l'Amérique puritaine des années 1860. Félix est peintre et bohème, heureux dans ce paradis retrouvé. Il tombe amoureux de sa cousine Gertrude : sa fantaisie à lui et sa candeur à elle en font un couple heureux. De son côté, Eugénie, mariée à un baron allemand, tente sans succès de se remarier avec un riche ami de la famille. Quiproquos savoureux entre Européens et Américains s'accumulent.

  • Anglais Barbara Lane interiors

    Barbara Lane

    Barbara Lane Interiors takes readers on a stunning photographic tour of the art-filled, meticulously tailored interiors designed by Barbara Lane-whose lifelong passion for collecting avant-garde paintings, sculpture, and furniture and whose acute attention to custom detail are reflected here in more than 25 spectacular homes and executive offices from New York's Fifth Avenue to Miami to Paris. Presented in this book for the first time, Lane's remarkable body of work, spanning more than four decades, focuses fresh attention on the importance of art and design in our everyday lives. Celebrated here are many of the 20th- and 21st-century's most revered, inspiring, and ground-breaking artists, such as Barbara Kruger, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Cindy Sherman, Cy Twombly, and Andy Warhol, as well as a roster of modern furniture masters that includes Philippe Anthonioz, André Arbus, and Christian Astuguevieille, to name but a few. An international list of artisans and contemporary craftspeople bring Lane's discerning clients originality, comfort, and lasting beauty to their one-of-a-kind living spaces.
    Captured by the design world's most accomplished photographers, Barbara Lane's interiors offer a rare and deeply personal invitation to enter the private spaces of visionary collectors.

  • Few personalities have fully captured the public's imagination with the power of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Through Wolf's stunning collection, we are offered a fresh and captivating look into the private life of the iconic artist, her exuberant husband, and their influential inner circle, which included French surrealist André Breton, Mexican artist José Miguel Covarrubias, and Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky. These photographs - several of which Kahlo hand-inscribed with dedications, self-deprecating marks, and traces of lipstick - pose fascinating questions about an artist who was both the consummate architect of her own image and a beguiling and wiling photographic subject. Frida Kahlo: Photographs of Myself and Others invites readers to experience the couple's world as an insider, and to take part in the rich narrative these two stunning artists wove throughout their life together. Enhanced by historical notes and quotes from Frida's diary, the book also features a complete facsimile of the couple's family album.

    Vicente Wolf is a world-renowned interior desginer, a collector of vintage photographs, and a celebrated photographer. His collection brings together portraits of Kahlo by such luminaries as Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Tina Modotti, Julien Levy, Carl van Vechten, and Lucienne Bloch as well as candid snapshots of Frida and Diego at work and at home.

  • Collects the author's novel, four novellas, and fifty-three short stories.

  • Une compilation de portraits réalisés par la photographe américaine Susan Wood de certaines femmes qui étaient les plus influentes du XXème siècle.

  • Introducing Ruban, a unique sourcebook celebrating France's deep-rooted tradition of ribbon-making - from the time when ribbons were an essential and often functional fashion accessory used to express individuality and style in everyday life, from weddings to times of mourning.
    Following the closure of one of the oldest factories in the industrial town of Saint-Etienne, France, an incredible cache of old salesmen's sample books, cards, samples, and packaging surfaced to be photographed for posterity. Over 600 of these documents are now included - ribbons made from cotton, silk, satin, velvet, metallic threads, and innovative synthetic materials. Ruban is a must-have book for every person interested in fashion, design, craft, art and the history of textiles.

  • Explore the varied and incredibly chic residences crafted by internationally acclaimed decorator Tino Zervudachi in his first monograph, Tino Zervudachi: A Portfolio, written by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni. Tino applies his unfaltering and flawless design to projects as diverse and all-encompassing as a Parisian château, a Swiss chalet, a zen refuge in Tokyo, a Mediterranean villa, and even a 45-meter long yacht, with a result that is never short of breath-taking. Tino's respect for the individual personality and cultural environment of each space he decorates, and his fearless ability to splash a room with a bold color, or to accent it with a striking piece of contemporary art, makes his work unparalleled.

    With a foreword by the internationally esteemed interior decorator and Tino's mentor, David Mlinaric, a preface by Lindy, Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava, and dazzling images of Tino's high-profile interiors, Tino Zervudachi: A Portfolio presents an immaculate and inspiring collection of understated glamour that will leave you longing for more.

  • Monsieur Dior: Once Upon A Time is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the ten years Christian Dior ran his esteemed house. As women were starved for glamour following World War II, Dior's New Look was revolutionary in bringing femininity back to fashion with a bold use of fabric and silhouetted lines. In the short time he ran the house, Dior rose to superstardom and managed to expand his empire to perfumes, jewelry, and hosiery while opening boutiques all over the world. Author Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni interviewed dozens of people who had a direct relationship with the fashion designer such as Jacqueline de Ribes, Olivia de Havilland, John Fairchild, Pierre Cardin, Victoire Doutreleau, and many others, including his vendeuses or saleswomen, society clients, models, and muses, giving readers unique intimate insight into how this captivating house operated. With dazzling images by photographers such as Cecil Beaton, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lord Snowdon, and Willy Maywald, as well as never- before-seen materials from the Dior Archives, this account is a fresh and surprising view into the House of Dior and life of its brilliant founder.
    Monsieur Dior: Once Upon A Time is elegantly presented in a Dior grey box with silver tissue paper and a grosgrain bookmark.

  • Once Upon a Pillow features a stunning collection of pillows and accessories designed by Rebecca Vizard. Celebrated for her innovative use of rare antique textiles -- from the embroidered metallic threads of ecclesiastical vestments to Venetian Fortuny draperies and Central Asian suzanis --her designs present a perfect balance of art and material culture. A favorite of designers and a discerning public, her pillows and accessories adorn some of America's finest homes. An early childhood fascination with textiles eventually led her to create pillows from her growing personal collection of rare textiles and, when Neiman Marcus placed its first order in 1999, B VIZ Design was officially launched. While her collecting forays frequently take her abroad, she returns to her Louisiana roots and its rich history and tradition of decorative arts for inspiration. In addition to Ms. Vizard's home, rooms in a range of styles and periods by such top flight designers as Gerrie Bremermann, Barry Dixon, Suzanne Kasler and Matthew Patrick Smyth are included to illustrate embroidery, applique, tapestry, needlepoint, Fortuny, damask and brocade and suzani and ethnic pillows. A selection of accessories from lighting, gifts and dog wear of Fortuny fabric is also highlighted and an annotated textile glossary is included.

    Early in her career, while working on interior design projects from New York to New Orleans, Rebecca Vizard noticed a void in the pillow market. Discovering a niche for antique textiles, Vizard focused on designing these one of a kind pillows for clients, and in the process employed many local seamstresses. Soon pillows sold to Neiman Marcus and other exclusive stores. Her pillows frequently grace the covers of national publications, such as House Beautiful, Veranda, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, and Architectural Digest.

  • Pointed Leaf Press is pleased to announce that we have published an updated edition of The Complete Kagan: Vladimir Kagan, A Lifetime of Avant Garde Design in a larger format with exciting revisions that includes a Foreword by renowned-architect, Zaha Hadid, and Kagan's impressive new work over the last decade. Since 2004, Kagan's international reach has grown by leaps and bounds, in showrooms in France and Italy, and with commissions for high-end interiors by some of the world's leading architects and interior designers. Beginning with his childhood in Germany and his family's escape from Nazi power, Kagan chronicles his rise to become one of America's most celebrated designers. Combining sophisticated aesthetic with comfort and modernistic sensibility are the hallmark of his enduring career.

    «It is the perfect time to celebrate Vladimir Kagan's influential new work. His new custom designs are transformative and the new installations - documented in striking contemporary interiors - will make the book - the only one that documents in detail the designer's amazing career - a must-have for young and seasoned designers alike. It will also offer a sneak peek into Kagan's foray into architecture!» - Suzanne Slesin, Publisher and Editorial Director, Pointed Leaf Press.

  • Anglais Bomboozled

    Susan Roy

    Conceived by a misguided government seeking to quiet the fears of an anxious public, the concept of the «Family Fallout Shelter» was Cold War paranoia at its finest, a massive bit of «propaganda by architecture» that has no more truth behind it than the absurd notion of «duck and cover.» Inundated with government-sponsored films, posters, booklets, traveling caravans and exhibitions, the American family bought into the idea, investing millions of dollars in home shelters of every conceivable material and design. Bomboozled charts the panic-fueled evolution of the shelter from a well-stocked basement pantry to a full-fledged (and often completely decorated) home addition, laying bare the buried truths of America's family fallout shelter obsession.